1st Year of Profitability

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Announcing Nutritap’s first year of #Profitability! Last Financial year, we turned profitable. And we matched that up with a Sustainable business growth. We grew by almost 6X as compared to previous year while maintaining healthy unit economics, a feat less heard in the Start-up eco-system and more so in unmanned #retail space, but made possible by NutriTap through prioritising Stability over Speed to build robust business fundamentals, a Customer-Centric approach, Financial Prudence, Quality Workforce, Ethical leadership and a long-term vision. We continue to deliver value to our stakeholders, partners and employees while delivering balanced #growth. Nutritap has an aggressive scaling-up target. We have set a target of achieving Rs. 1,000 crore annual revenue in the next 3 years and we shall make it happen while staying profitable!..There’s so much fun in building, but there is hyper fun in building profitably… stay tuned!