Time for a Munch – Why Corporates need Digital Healthy Kiosk?

June 10, 2019

The Corporate world gifted a whole new lifestyle that in shields bring lifestyle diseases like Obesity, Cholesterol, Diabetes, heart diseases, cancer risks, infertility issues and much more. As per the latest surveys, two third of the Indian population is fighting obesity, and yes it’s indeed a negative by-product of the corporate lifestyle. The new opted lifestyle is convenient at the cost of health and fitness. Not to mention that this lifestyle gaps negatively impact an organisation’s insurance cost, productivity, and motivational level.

Our generation’s rescue comes in the form of IoT based Kiosk. These Kiosks aim to satisfy the mini hunger pangs with healthy snacking options. Here enlisted are the top 5 reasons to why corporates need Healthy Kiosk.

1. Employee Benefits
Verified and a variety of healthy snacking options picked up by nutritional experts help corporates to save big and have healthy munching. A strong team delivers the best outcomes that are beneficial to employers.

No unhealthy munching and that is the efficiency of these good snacking machines. Pick up fresh, pick up healthy, and Pick up Nutritap!

2. Less Medical Expenses
Healthier the employees, better the productivity with perfect workflow. If the creative brains are craving, they will end up midway on spending more time online to look for healthy snacks. Did you know that Medical Cost can come down thrice for every 1 Rupee spent on wellness program?
Save medical expenses and have a happy team with fewer snack longings. Save the expenditures and invest for a healthy team!

3. Time-Saving
Thirty minutes per individual for a munch break can cut down the efficient work hours they are paid for. A handy source for 4:00 pm craving is healthy snacks from Digital Kiosk saves a good time for a team. Yes, Digital Kiosks are time-saving snacking pot and in turn, save ROI!

4. Lifestyle Changes
Healthy and Guilt-free Snacks can be a total game-changer for the corporates. Say good-bye to those spicy fried samosas and fill in your appetite with Healthy snacking options available at Nutritap IoT Kiosks. According to Healthcare Alliance study, “70% of US employers offer some wellness program to employs for benefits, financially and otherwise.”
Change Lifestyle to balance the imbalanced Corporate Health!

5. Handy Healthy Snacking
Fully automated Nutritap Kiosks understand cravings and offer quality, hygienic, and fresh snacks/beverages at affordable prices. Invest in health through healthy snacks in the absence of expensive wellness programs. Health comes first, and henceforth the requirement for Healthy snacking comes in.

No Queue, Less time-consuming, a few currency notes and you are set for a healthy delicacy!
Easy refills, no huge investments, maintenance-free, and convenient source for 24/7 cravings, what more corporate snacking lifestyle can dream of? Nutritap IoT Kiosk is a real solution to corporate snacking experience.

Think Healthy, Think Nutritap!

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