Terrible Vending Machine Snacks: Guilty Snacky Pleasures

June 17, 2019

Corporate births a lifestyle that is no longer the same it used to be a decade back, yes we have fallen to this rat’s race. The fact that constant slouching and 8 hours of desk job has got corporates tummy fat and many other back and neck pains- yes you work hard every day. Crunching and Munching are what we call natural pits that corporates will fall in anyhow in the corporate world. Indeed that is the therapy to keep you going all day long working. BUT every pit has its dangers attached, so has snacking!

Smart Health Kiosk is one of the best innovations to kill unhealthy eating, and we are glad that in this generation we have a take-care machine. Take Care? YES! A Smart Healthy Kiosk is the only store box to health as healthy vending machines offer you packets that pack health and nutrition. Not just this, there are few guilty pleasure which will make us think twice before grabbing one next time.

These six snacks are just on the top of my “just-don’t-do-it” list. These toothsome snacks are fully loaded with sugar, fat, and high calories. Find out the nutritional value of these snacky guilty pleasures and switch to Nutritap Smart Healthy Kiosk.

1. Apple Fruit Pie
One Can of Apple Fruit Pie has 440 calories, 27 gm fat, 8 gm trans-fat, and 7 gm saturated fat. Do you feel it is good to consume 440 calories just over a project discussion and then killing yourself at the gym to shed those extra Calories – a total bad idea!

2. Cheese Crackers with Cheddar Cheese
Munch….. Munch, more because we all love crunchy crackers on our work stations. A pack full of 210 calories, 2 gm saturated fat, 4 gm trans-fat and 10 gm fat, scared? Even we were, and then we planned out this blog to make masses aware! A total trans-fat fest!

3. Favorite Frosted Strawberry
The best sharable is favorite Frosted Strawberry that includes 420 calories, 10gm fat, 2.5 gm saturated fat and 40 gm sugar. Yes as a sharable bite, it is good, but for a whole pack, it can be a nutritional nightmare. So, next time be careful!

4. It’s Nachos Time!
Snacky Nacho alternative with 250 calories, 13 gm fat, 2.5 gm saturated fat, 2g fiber is on the pick. With this nutritional value, we feel sick to even think about snacking with Nachos. 250 Calories, are we serious??

5. Colorful Candies
One of your favorites?? Yummy….Our tiny colored candies have 250 calories, 2.5gm fat, and 2.5g saturated fat, more calories and fat than other snacks. Good for slim people who want to put on extra weight, but for the other side of the crowd, it’s a total off!

6. Baked Snack Crackers
Still an OK! Baked rather than deep fried, contains 160 calories, 8 gm fat, 2 gm saturated fat, and is frankly better than the snacks mentioned. But don’t take this nutritious, it has no fiber and has no protein to go forth.

So, these were the six Guilty Snacky Pleasures that corporates can get a break off from. Nutritap delivers low-fat and fat-free Smart Healthy Kiosk offerings as the best of a bunch and even include nutritious fiber, protein, and healthy fats through your choice of Digital Payment Channel.

Think Healthy, Think Nutritap!

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