Snacking Isn’t A Choice: It’s A Part Of Office Culture

June 6, 2019

Positive Work culture and healthy snacking go hand-in-hand, and a combination of these two helps in amore productive approach and happy team. The robotic work culture and corporates by-products
snacking and hunger pangs to keep the energies level up the whole day long. We indeed abide by the fact that snacking isn’t a choice but a part of the office culture itself.

An office can be monotonous when employees are sitting right across the system with no snacking
options available. Boosting an employee’s morale, and finding little ways to make any workday more pleasant, fun pact, and less stressful. This is one of the reasons why office perks hold a great advantage to the employees. Office without snacking is incomplete, and hence a handsome amount of companies are offering appetizing boatloads of free snacks.

Don’t worry the employers don’t require to pay a celebrity chef for great office culture. However, stocking bountiful snacks in the pantry might settle down employees’ snacking cravings and improves workplace devotion, resulting in a pretty healthy ROI. According to a Glassdoor survey, younger workers aged 18-34 (89 per cent) and 35-44 (84 per cent) said, “They prefer benefits or perks to pay raises. And of the perks listed, 19 per cent mentioned free lunch.”
Here are the top 4 Benefits of How Snacking makes the Work Culture more productive and energetic for employees to stay longer and energized the whole day long.

Snacking makes People Happy
Even in companies with delighted employees, the happiness quotient moves up when free food is
involved and offers a remarkable supply of snacking options. Yes, snacking…No Free Snacking triggers employees’ attention and retention in the sector.

With Snacking comes Productivity
Hunger tends to lure employees around 3:00 in the hectic office setting. The corporates tend to take an extended work break, isn’t it better to have things handy for the employees? A SMART HEALTH KIOSK by Nutritap can be an alternative to keep employees reluctant on taking extended work breaks.

Lesser Mood Swings add to the Work Culture
Healthy snacks can contribute to improving mood swings and keeps your workforce energized to meet
project challenges. With an array of boosting snacks, it invigorates the staff giving them a feeling of comfort and convenience. Here Nutritap Smart Health Kiosk plays a significant role to keep the team motivated and excited about breaks!

Elevates Team Spirit
Sharing is Caring; a positive and healthy work culture involves the rise of team-spirit and the food bond amongst colleagues gives the Office space a bright outlook where everybody wants to be a part of the organization and the team.

The American Heart Association has a Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage that provides them with
smart snacking and lunch suggestions for employers to offer. Happy energies and cheerful vibes keep the office culture constructive and jubilant. Henceforth, we strongly feel that snacking at the office is an ignition for Happy Workplace and it is no longer left as a choice.

Cherry-pick Nutritap for Happy Work Culture!

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